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Turn Your Online Visitors Into Customers

Do you know the conversion rate of your website or blog? Don’t worry, most small and medium business owners don’t.

It’s the percentage of visitors who complete an action or conversion event (make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, download a whitepaper or follow any other call-to-action) divided by the total number of visitors, times one hundred.

Or: Total Conversions/Total Views X 100 = Conversion Rate

This is where our myDigitalSherpa Dashboard’s online lead generation services and tools come in to play.

myDigitalSherpa gives you everything you need to capture and convert visitors into sales leads.
Blogging and social media marketing can be amazingly effective at driving traffic, but turning that traffic into sales is entirely different challenge. To start the lead nurturing process, you must have a way to entice your visitors, capture the lead, and start them down the sales funnel. Let the myDigitalSherpa Dashboard give you the lead generation tools you need as a small business owner to increase your Internet marketing ROI.

  • Create custom CTA buttons that garner attention and drive clicks
  • Build custom lead forms that allow you to capture the most important lead information
  • Once a form is completed, offer custom ‘Thank You’ pages that provide downloads or additional resources
  • View all leads captured through buttons and forms – giving you a detailed list of what CTA’s are converting
  • Manage all conversion buttons, call-to-actions and forms in one convenient location

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