Twitter is known for being a website full of short bursts of information, which can make it tricky for advertisers to get their message across. Marketers in particular are limited to 140 characters, which means every update needs to pack a punch.

Although the social network requires a bit of work, it can be worth your time as a small business owner. Twitter is a platform that gives you the ability to reach out to a wide audience – one that may be larger than what you have off-line. Here are four key tips for effective Twitter advertising.

  1. Use the pinning feature.

Twitter allows you to pin a single tweet to the top of your list of updates. Naturally, the first-listed tweet is likely to be viewed the most, so make it a good one. Use the pinning feature to highlight an update that you want people to see. For instance, you can create an update to tell people about a specific offer or event happening at your business.

  1. Don’t forget about hashtags.

These days, there are hashtags for just about everything. While the “hashtag effect” has lost some of its luster over the years, it’s still a powerful Twitter tool. A hashtag allows other users to search for words – or specific interests – across the entire website. Make sure you’re using hashtags that pertain to your business, whether it be “software” or “flowers” to reflect your goods and services.

  1. Take advantage of Twitter Cards.

Twitter Cards allow you to share updates that include some type of media, such as a photo or a video. Cards automatically load pictures, meaning Twitter users can see your Photo Cards without even having to click. If you’re looking for a way to instantly capture the attention of your Twitter followers, take the time to create Twitter Cards that draw engagement.

  1. Make your updates worthwhile.

Whether you’re trying to get more people through your doors or sell a specific product, you should always be posting valuable tweets. Think about tweeting information on valuable content downloads or offers on your profile – this can keep people coming back for more. Remember to share other links or industry insight to establish yourself as a leader in your line of work.

Twitter can be a worthwhile social networking platform if you’re willing to commit time and effort into using it. These four tips can help you raise awareness of your small business while showing the goods and services you have to offer.

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