Let’s be honest. You would not have launched your brand on social media or spent countless hours writing high quality content for your business blog if you wanted to keep things under wraps. Online marketing is definitely not the time to play modest. You want your content to be seen, read, and digested by as many people […]

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Although 2014 is still in full force, the year is winding down, meaning it’s time to start making predictions – about content marketing, of course. Every year, it seems like technology and data dramatically evolves the way that marketers develop content. In 2015, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t expect to see some changes. Here […]

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These days, it’s not hard to find information on content marketing, but have you stopped to think of how much of it is just idle chit-chat? Not all of the nuggets of information you find are diamonds in the rough – some content marketers are just as new to the game as you. That being […]

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As an SMB owner, the lines are often blurred between your personal and professional life. The same could be said for the Facebook pages of entrepreneurs. Take my mom, for example. She has been a successful real estate agent in the Atlanta area for nearly 25 years, and until recently, she used her personal Facebook […]

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If you’re like the typical small business, you’re probably active on at least 6 different social media channels. That means if you’re making the commitment to do social media marketing the right way, you without a doubt are spending a lot of time on these social networking sites. Fortunately, there are a number of free […]

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As the holidays quickly approach, you may want to take a look at your content marketing strategy. Is there special you could be doing with your e-Books, whitepapers and webinars for the holidays? How does your target audience’s needs change with the season? While you may not have to make any big alterations this time […]

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Just like any other business professional, I do a lot of email correspondence for work. However, I have this horrible habit of somehow typing the email address of the person that I’m talking about in the email in the “to” box. Does anyone else have this issue? I don’t know possesses me to to do […]

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If you haven’t see one of your tweets shared or favorited in quite some time, something could be broken – your marketing strategy. Although posting a 140-character update seems simple enough, you can never be too creative when it comes to Twitter. You should always strive to provide value to your readers, regardless of the […]

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In HubSpot’s annual “State of the Inbound” report released this past September, it was revealed that only 53 percent of inbound marketers measure their ROI. That means that 47 percent of marketers are putting an effort toward content marketing, but have no idea whether it’s actually paying off. If you’re on the guilty side of […]

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Content marketing is constantly evolving, but there are some cornerstones that all marketing plans need to have. It’s these key points that make up the foundation of a valuable content marketing strategy. Whether you’re revamping your game plan or looking to make improvements, take these three golden rules of content marketing into account. Doing so […]

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