If you’re a small business owner, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly keeping your blog relevant with the latest industry information. Whether you do it out of passion or necessity, you probably seek out industry related news and insight to position yourself as an expert in your line of work. But what happens when […]

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Not everyone is going to love the products and services you offer through your small business. The fact of the matter is that there will always be critics – how are you going to handle them? Social media makes it easier for critics to voice their opinion these days, and they can do so on […]

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Want to drive more qualified traffic to your website? Well then, you need to create rich, educational content. And what’s the best medium for displaying that content? A blog, of course! Did you know: Research has shown that B2B marketers that use blogging as a strategy receive 67% more leads than those marketers who don’t.  Unfortunately, these day, creating […]

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Google Plus may immediately feel like foreign territory to an entrepreneur who’s new to social networking. If you’re familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you may be caught off-guard by Google Plus. What do Circles mean? How do you post a status update? Is it important to share media with followers? These are all questions […]

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Today, we’re happy to introduce, ‘FinderSocial’ – the newest suite of social media, blogging, and reputation management services for the multifamily industry.  Before we were ‘DigitalSherpa,’ we were ‘CommunitySherpa;’ a social media marketing and blogging service for clients of our sister company, ApartmentFinder.  Proudly, we were the first full-service blogging and social media management service […]

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‘Keyword Strategy’ is a phrase you’re going to hear as you look to establish a reputation for your small business on the Internet – but what are they? Why are they so important to getting the word out about your company on the Web? A Brief Overview of Keywords Keywords are words that are associated with […]


Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Google+. Instagram. And the list goes on. As a business owner that understands the importance of being active on social media, how in the world will you find the time to keep up? Fortunately, there are a number of social media management tools that can make it easier to juggle an […]

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The secret is out. Pinterest is an incredibly powerful channel for marketing your business, which is why so many businesses are flocking to this social media site. Because of this, Pinterest has made several enhancements to its social networking site to make it easier and more user-friendly for businesses to embrace this marketing tool. One […]

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If you’ve been utilizing Twitter for your small business, you know how valuable it can be. This free-to-use social network can help you reel in new customers and grow brand awareness. However, Twitter Cards may be enough to make you stop and ask, “How much effort do I really want to put into this website?” […]

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We’ve talked about LinkedIn groups and how they can be a powerhouse for raising brand awareness and positioning you as an authority in your industry. But did you know that you can use this same strategy on Facebook via Facebook groups? As you can imagine, there is such a diverse selection of Facebook groups to […]

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