blog writing servicesAs a business owner, you’re already pressed for time, so how in the world are you expected to add blogging to your “to do” list? It can be easy to become frustrated when taking a look at your competitor’s blog and seeing a new post published daily. I’m going to let you in on a little secret though. Your competitor, like you, doesn’t have a spare moment to waste and has likely enlisted the help of blog writing services┬áto keep its widely-read business blog maintained.

Understanding that efficiency is key to running a successful business, many business owners today are choosing to outsource their blogging efforts. As a result, there are a lot of blog writing services that are popping up, and as you can imagine, not all of them will deliver stellar results. If you are considering outsourcing your business blog, here are 5 important questions that you absolutely must ask:

1. What types of content does the service specialize in producing?

Content comes in many forms–blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, etc–and you’ll likely want to partner with a writer that is experienced and capable of producing several different types of content. When interviewing writers, be sure to listen to what his or her strengths and preferences are for writing for writing these various forms of content. Note that a writer’s background can also influence the type of content that he or she can deliver. For example, a writer that is a former journalist can often make for a fantastic blogger due to the style of writing.

2. Which industries does the blog writing service specialize in?

You’ll probably find that many of these blog writing services claim that they write for every industry. If you hear this, proceed with caution. It’s a smart idea to ask for some writing samples that are relevant to your industry to get a better feel for your prospective writer’s grasp on important industry-related issues.

3. Is the blog writing service able to match the tone and personality of your business blog?

If you’ve already started a business blog and have primarily written all of the posts, you have taken the time to establish a tone and personality for your blog. Introducing a new writer via a blog writing service has the potential to change the tone and the way that your audience perceives your brand altogether. A good writer will have read your business blog before interviewing with you and should be able to easily match your content style guide.

4. What is your process for conducting research for the articles that you write?

A big deal breaker would be if the prospective writer told you that he or she is so knowledgable in a subject that further research is unnecessary. If you want to have a longterm writer that truly makes your blog valuable to your audience, you’ll want someone that if not afraid to write out of his or her comfort zone at times, which means conducting research from credible and authoritative sources will be absolutely necessary.

5. Is the writing service experienced in optimizing content for search engines?

Of course, the candidate will likely answer yes to this question; however, a wise idea would be to ask for a sample case study or two with real numbers of how the writing service has been able to dramatically improve a client’s SEO strategy and drive results. A good writer will come to your interview armed with keywords that your business should aim to target. Your ideal writer should also know how to optimize blog titles, headers, and the content itself as well as write a compelling meta description that would make your audience want to read more.

Making the decision to hire a blog writing service can be exciting as you will not only be taking your content strategy to the next level, but you’ll also free up time to focus on your business. Use these questions to help you select the right service for your business.

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