Creating videos for your business can sound daunting.

After all, since television was created videos have been the most expensive media to produce.  That all changed with the launch of Youtube and the invention of the smart phone.

Today, you can make a professional video on your iphone with little to no technical experience.  Have a look at this video from Wistia:

Here are the tools that Chris mentioned in the video:

So, assuming you have an iPhone already, you can shoot a video of that quality for only $141 + your time.

At no point in history could you produce a piece of marketing collateral as powerful as video for roughly $150.

Still not convinced video is right for your business? How about these video marketing facts:

  •  Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74% (Click To Tweet)
  • A Third Of All Online Activity Is Spent Watching Video (Click To Tweet)
  • 50% Of Users Watch Business Related Videos On YouTube Once A Week (Click To Tweet)
  • 75% Of Users Visit The Marketer’s Website After Viewing A Video (Click To Tweet)

Video + Youtube = massive opportunity for branding, referral traffic, and sales.

 No matter what your business specializes in; no matter your audience; you can create powerful videos that will power your entire online & social media marketing efforts.

Now that you understand how powerful videos are and how cheap it is to make them, here are a few video ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Video Blog Posts

Any post that you have already published on your blog can be turned into a video. In fact, most blog posts can be turned into several videos. You can create a series of one to two minute videos that focus on a specific aspect of a topic. You just film yourself or another member of your team talking into the camera. You can answer a question, or you can just provide some useful information for your viewers. Most people prefer to watch instead of read – so take advantage.

There are no limits to what kind of video blog posts you can create.

Pro tip:  If you’ve covered your video topic in the past in a blog post, embed your new video into your old post.  Embedded videos within textual blog posts have been shown to increase engagement on page and keep the viewer there longer.

Introduce Your Services

Would you rather read how a new vacuum works or see it for yourself in a video?

Product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and service descriptions are all great ways to put the power of video to work for your business.

Pro tip: Embed these videos onto the coordinating service or product pages on your website.  The better you can demonstrate your products and services, the greater chance you have of converting that visitor into a lead or customer.

Create How-Tos and Tutorials

Does your product involve instructions? Then why not create a how-to video that provided step-by-step direction on how to put your product together.  But that’s not the only way to use how-tos and tutorials in video.

Imagine you’re a plumber that wants to demonstrate your expertise.  You could create a set of videos that shows how to fix and solve common, simple toilet problems.

But wouldn’t that potentially take away from my sales if they fix it themselves?

No. And here’s why: there are plenty of online resources that outline how to fix these same problems, and most people will still rather how a professional fix it then do it themselves.

What you’re getting out of it is an increase in brand name exposure, high-value search engine optimization content, and an opportunity to display your knowledge.  Can’t beat that!

Pro tip: Keep your videos short in length.  Here’s why:


There you have it, all the tools and ideas necessary to add video to your content marketing strategy.  Once you have your first video, be sure to start a Youtube account and build & brand your profile.  Google owns Youtube, so they give preferential treatment to video content.  Use this to your advantage to start driving more prospective traffic to your website!

For an even deeper look at how to use video in your marketing, download our free ebook:  Properly & Effectively Integrating Video into your Marketing

About Justin Fishaw

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