If you want to mix up your content strategy, why not consider incorporating video content? In the past, the idea of creating a marketing video was often an expensive endeavor. However, with resources such as Instagram Video and Vine, brief, high quality videos can now easily be shot from your smartphone for free. For those […]

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Creating videos for your business can sound daunting. After all, since television was created videos have been the most expensive media to produce.  That all changed with the launch of Youtube and the invention of the smart phone. Today, you can make a professional video on your iphone with little to no technical experience.  Have […]

It’s no surprise social media giant, Facebook, is capitalizing on the huge success video marketing has experienced in recent years by adding video advertising options. As we’ve recently covered, incorporating video into your existing online marketing mix can yield great results for your small business. If you aren’t sure where to start, I recommend you […]


We recently shared some powerful statistics that make video marketing pretty difficult to resist. Not only does video play an instrumental role in boosting SEO, but it increases the likelihood that your target audience will actually tune in and engage with your content. In fact, according to the Software Advice website’s B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Study […]

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Video marketing is a quickly expanding and incredibly popular marketing platform your small business should be focusing on. We’ve even written an entire free ebook about it (Small Business Video Marketing Guide).  Here are some video marketing statistics to prove how valuable this strategy is for your digital marketing mix! 1. Videos Increase People’s Understanding […]

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Did you know your Web visitors will spend more time on a page that has video? Our lives are constantly inundated with new content and information and various ways to soak it in. So, why aren’t more small businesses using content marketing video to boost their Web marketing? Video Seems A Bit Overwhelming (And Expensive) […]

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Video marketing is one extremely popular marketing platform that your small business does not want to miss out on. Whether it’s through Youtube, or emerging video marketing networks such as Vine or Instagram, video marketing is undoubtedly a huge social media resource to grow your social presence and gain new customers. This helpful Infographic by […]

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Heineken’s ‘Departure Roulette': Best. Marketing. Ever. Question: Would you change your travel plans to an unknown destination in an instant? The iconic alcohol brand Heineken found people willing to say yes this question, and crafted a brilliant marketing campaign around this idea that’s going viral on social media. Peep their Twitter feed and the campaign […]

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We recently shared some powerful statistics with you that make video marketing difficult to pass up. Whether searching for an instructional “how to” video or the latest product reviews, YouTube has become a popular Internet destination for consumers, attracting more than 800 million unique users each month. This popular social media site is gaining so […]

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As you are well aware of, Instagram rocked the social media world a few weeks ago by announcing the addition of video capabilities to the extremely popular photo App, giving the current video leader Vine a run for their money (or uh, followers?). While both Video Apps may seem identical at first glance, there are […]

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