If you want to mix up your content strategy, why not consider incorporating video content? In the past, the idea of creating a marketing video was often an expensive endeavor. However, with resources such as Instagram Video and Vine, brief, high quality videos can now easily be shot from your smartphone for free. For those […]

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Well, folks. No surprise here. Google has changed its search engine algorithm yet again, and this time its to give preference to mobile friendly web design. The change to the algorithm is effective today (April 21st) and will factor in the following criteria when ranking your website: Has your overall website design been optimized for […]

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Owning a business in the 21st century means that you need to mindful of the Internet. You need to have a presence on the Web, and you also have to learn how to use it as a tool to reach out to your target audience. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to maintain a balancing act […]


For several years, search engine optimization has been at the forefront of digital marketing. SEO is considered one of the most important elements of any online marketing strategy, mostly because of the tremendous popularity of search engines. In fact, reports from early 2015 show that Google is now a more trusted source of news than […]


You already know everything about search engine optimization, right? Well, you could be doing yourself a disservice by not looking for ways to improve upon your current strategy. While you may have implemented everything from back-links to keywords properly, there’s always more you could be doing to boost your SEO. Here are five secrets to […]

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With a new year brings a new opportunity for growth.  A chance to grow your business, a chance to grow as a marketer.  To help you kick off 2015 with a bang, we put together this simple yet comprehensive ebook. If your goal in 2015 is to grow your online visitors, leads, and customers; then […]

Free ebook 6 Steps to Driving the Right Traffic to your website

Page rank is a complicated – and entirely secret – formula that determines how well your site appears in search results. One thing we know for certain that helps improve your search ranking is getting inbound links from relevant, high-quality sites. But what about when you are just starting out and have no links? Is […]


Small businesses are often charged with the task of effectively creating SEO content without hiring a dedicated SEO firm to do it. However, understandably, most business owners aren’t aware of the changes that go on behind the scenes of Google. It’s technical. It’s daunting. And, frankly, it can be a bit boring. However, staying up […]

SEO Checklist for Small Business Websites

Since Google is the search king, everyone wants to get their site to be right at the top of search results so when their target customers go looking for information relevant to their business, those customers find them first. Paying for Google PPC ads is a great shortcut to search visibility since search engine optimization […]


Next up in our new ’12 in 12′ webinar series is, ‘DIY SEO Tactics for Small Business Owners.’ This free webinar was been developed to give small business owners the tools needed to: ♦  Increase traffic from Google search ♦  Improve your rank for keywords and phrases ♦  Outperform your local competition online As a […]