As we previously covered in our Small Business Guide To Instagram, there are over 150 million users and counting on this visually rich social platform. While pictures are king (and videos are queen) on Instagram, having a successful Instagram strategy is more complex than a simple ‘point and click’ of your iPhone or Android camera. Here are a few simple apps to enhance your small businesses photos and overall Instagram strategy!

1. Instasize

One of the most annoying aspects of Instagram is cropping or cutting an important photo in order to post them. Thankfully, there is an amazing app that allows you to add full size pictures on Instagram. Instasize is a free app available for both Android and Apple phones. Instasize is a simple, user friendly tool which allow you to easily re-size and use your full size image on Instagram, no cropping necessary. This app also comes with some nifty filters and editing options, and is an overall great tool to add to your collection.


2. A Beautiful Mess

A notoriously popular tool in the blogosphere, A Beautiful Mess is a one stop shop for creative editing and personalizing your photos. A Beautiful Mess offers a variety of awesome tools, such as editing, filters, borders, fonts, doodles and more. Furthermore, this free tool makes online sharing incredibly easy with built in social media buttons. If your small business is a creative venture that enjoys adding a little extra quirkiness to your online presence, A Beautiful Mess is the perfect app for you.

A beautiful mess

3. Facetune

If your company’s Instagram features shots of satisfied customers and happy employees, you definitely want to make sure everyone is looking their best. Facetune is an awesome tool that corrects any minor skin imperfections, dreaded bad hairdays and those unfortunate under-eye bags that often come with the long work hours you’re putting into your business. Thankfully, Facetune shows your business in the best possible light! This app is incredibly easy to use, and much cheaper than an actual makeover.


Did we leave out any great Instagram apps you love to use? Let us know in the comments down below and enjoy! 

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