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DigitalSherpa sets itself apart from other Internet marketing agencies by employing an in-house staff of over 80 talented individuals –- all committed to improving the digital experience of over 1500 small businesses nationwide. Our collective of “Sherpas” is certainty a colorful one. Not only do they all live and breathe social media and content marketing, but many of them also bring with them a smattering of their own professional experiences in a wide variety of fields. We have a silversmith, a Derby Girl, an independent clothing brand owner, a lawyer, certified personal trainers, home brewers, actors, wine aficionados, jewelry makers, one Internet sensation, and the list goes on. We believe that building on shared experiences, collaborating creatively, and balancing hard work with lively personal lives all help to create a culture of positive growth and client enrichment in an exciting and ever-changing industry.

What our Sherpas are saying:

As an intern at Sherpa, I loved the young energy here. Everybody is energetic and engaged and has great ideas. It lets me look forward to coming to work every day, and it feels like I’m working with my friends. That being said, I also like how everybody just knows not to bug me when my earbuds are in.

~Ryan Mixson, Account Associate

What’s not to love about DigitalSherpa? Everyday brings a new challenge: Challenging the moronic opinions of Sherpas who refuse to recognize my greatness. Browbeating other Sherpas into totally seeing my method of creating SEO rich content as THE ONLY method of creating SEO-rich content. It is certainly quite challenging. Oh… it’s a great place to work too.

~Matt Wright, Content Manager

I enjoy the office environment, and how easily everyone gets along and how casual it can be. Everyone seems to have something in common. Plus, the daily breaks that occur when Rashun makes his rounds through the teams.

~Joe Madden, Content Optimization Specialist

DigitalSherpa continues to find ways to improve and innovate, despite already being successful. It’s refreshing to be part of a company that whole-heartedly embraces new technology while listening to the ideas of its employees.

~Jerel Marshall, Content Optimization Specialist

As a new employee to the DigitalSherpa Team, I have been given numerous opportunities to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing and communications. DigitalSherpa has exposed me to online digital engagement tools that have further validated my interest in the field, thus making my experience here valuable and enjoyable. I genuinely enjoy coming into the office every day and being surrounded by thoughtful, intelligent, and friendly co-workers. The combination of the creative social media culture with the professionalism associated with working for DigitalSherpa makes each day rewarding and exciting.

~Marlee Long, Account Associate

Sherpa is awesome! We have a ton of fun and work hard to produce the best content for our clients!

~Emily Hogan, Account Associate

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